Past successes from a new member UPDATED: with Pictures


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hello all, i am new to this site and pretty new to the world of TTMs. I have done a few TTMs in the past and had some good success with it, and now i am looking to get back into it and have a bunch of cards i am going to send out in the next couple weeks. Here are the past successes i have had:

Brian Urlacher
Emmitt Smith
Shaun Alexander
Kurt Warner
Isaac Bruce
David Carr (i sent him one card and he sent me back 2 more signed along with the card i had sent him originally!)
Ahman Green
Marques Tuiasosopo
Doug Flutie
Deion Sanders (Probably fake, i found it at a card store, but i thought id post it anyway

2004 Kurt Warner Bible Card

Emmitt Smith Postcard

1989 Topps Doug Flutie

2003 Donruss Classics Isaac Bruce

2003 Topps Total Shaun Alexander

2003 Topps Total Marques Tuiasosopo

2003 Topps Total Ahman Green

2003 Fleer Genuine David Carr

2004 Score David Carr

2004 Score David Carr

2002 Flair Brian Urlacher

1992 Stadium Club Deion Sanders


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deion looks to be fake to me, although the person had seen his sig because there are some similarities