Past Time Red Sox Trade Listing

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Polar Bear 67

5.00 star(s)
Jul 31, 2016
Part 1
04 Topps Chrome Encased Jimmy piersal auto
08 A/G Jason Varitek Bat AGR-JV1
05 Donruss Throwback Threads Bat J Varitek #33 39/50
05 Donruss Champions W/Jer J Varitek #25
00 UD SPX Manny remeriez auto T-MR
05 Topps World Champions Bat Manny remeriez RSR-MR
05 Topps World Champions Grey Jer Manny Remeriez RSR-MR2
09 UD SPX W/Jer Manny Remeriez WM-RA
07 B-Hert Bat Manny remeriez PG-MR2
07 B-Hert W/Jer Manny remeriez PG-MR
07 B-Hert Red Jer Manny remeriez PG-MR
05 Topps World Champions Bat D Ortiz RSR-DO
05 Leather and Lumber Big Bang Duel Grey Jer D Ortiz BB-9 154/250
08 B-Sterling Ref Grey Jer D Ortiz BB-DO 42/199
09 UD A Piece Of History Game used D Ortiz BSM-DO
05 Donruss Elite Gold W/Jer Pedro Martinez PT-25 132/250
04 Donruss Elite Emerald Bat Pedro Martinez CB-31 194/200
02 Fleer BaseBall Best W/Jer Pedro Martinez #45
05 Prime Cuts Grey Jer Curt Schilling #63 8/50
05 Timelines Treasures Duel W/Grey Jer Curt Schilling G-38 2/100
Polar Bear 67
Hi Polar Bear,

Belated welcome to The Bench! What sort of stuff do you collect? I have bazillions of BoSox cards to trade, and will do my best to find something you'll like for hits to these threads:

I also have many other Red Sox wants listed on my trade page (though you won't find much BoSox stuff for trade listed there -- just me know what players, brands, years, and card types you like):

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I will check ur threads and see what I have avaible.
I collect auto game used Red Sox and others especially Jose Baustita for my own collection

Shadowking has already taken the Piersal auto.