Past week IP


4.90 star(s)
Had a few events for getting graphs this past week or so...

Pete Yorn, singer/songwriter, signed his first 2 CDs and personalized a photo to my wife and I before his show

Bruce Hornsby signed an album cover adding a 'cigarette' to his picture on the cover

Antoine Bethea signed 8x10
Robert Mathis signed card
Mike Hart signed card
Marlin Jackson signed card
Kelvin Hayden signed card

Danny Granger signed card, signed 8x10
Mike Dunleavy signed card
TJ Ford signed card
Roy Hibbert signed card
Brandon Rush signed 2 cards
Troy Murphy signed card
Austin Croshere signed 1 card(set card)
Dahntay Jones signed card
Tyler Hansbrough signed SI
Luther Head signed card

Michael Beasley signed 2 cards
Daequan Cook signed 1 card(set card)
Chris Quinn signed 1 card
Dwyane Wade signed 1 program already signed by Shaq, 1 set card!!