Pastime Presidential Portraits Set 04/29/2015


5.00 star(s)
Product Description
Configuration: 47 cards per set.

- Historical information about each president
- Cut signatures of quality presidents
- Full base card set
- One 1/1 Original Presidential Portrait per set
- 2 insert cards per set
- Presidential memorabilia including buttons and stamps
- Additional items added for maximum value
- Less than 1000 boxes produced


Celebrate the history of the White House with this 44-card base set featuring every president that has been sworn into office. Each base card features artwork from popular hobby artist Juan Rosales. Presidential Portraits are one of a kind hand drawn masterpieces completed by some of the top artists in the hobby, Each card is unique in it's own way- with artists bringing their creativity and personal touch to showcase each president respectively.
Artist List
- Juan Rosales
- Dan Gorman
- Matt Stewart
- Jeff Hancock
- Chris Thorne
- Brad Utterstrom
- Stephanie Rosales
- James Henry Smith
- JAson Brower
- A. Roy Cover
- Steven Burch
- Jason Durden
- Lily Z Mercado
- Emily Tester
- Rob Payne
- Eric Muller
- Jeff Zapata
- Rusty Gilligan
- Chad Scheres
- Johnny Townsend

Red, White, & Blue Parallel
Limited to just 44 copies per card the American Flag parallel card is a true homage to the roots of our country. Each president proudly resides in the front of the Red, White, and Blue.

1/1 Presidential Platinum Parallel
A true rarity that belongs in every historical collectors collection.

Find limited edition campaign relic cards featuring authentic campaign and supporter buttons. Campaign buttons have been a staple during election time and have been collected throughout the history of the presidency.

Presidental Postage Relic Cards feature an original presidential stamp and was inspired by a vintage US Air Mail envelope.

Some sets include uncirculated US Mint Presidential Dollars!

Presidential Penmanship 1/1 Cut Signature Cards
Beautifully designed and feature an authentic autograph from one of eight presidents
Cut Signature Lineup
- John F. Kennedy
- Barack Obama
- Ronald Reagan
- George W. Bush
- Gerald Ford
- Jimmy Carter
- George H. Bush
- Bill Clinton

First Lady Signatures
Limted to 2 or less
- Michelle Obama
- Hillary Clinton
- Nancy Reagan
- Betty Ford
- Laura Bush
- Barbara Bush

3 Cases - 1/1 Canvas Base Card (Some orders will receive two!)
5 Cases - 1 Original 4x6 Artwork Piece used for the base card set
10 Cases - First Lady Cut Signature (Extremely Limited)
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