Pay for Shipping - Medium Flat Rate Full of Cards! Wow!


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I just purchased someone's entire collection this last weekend and as a result have just an absolute ton of cards to go through. Here's where you can help me in my effort to consolidate and eliminate! I am planning on stuffing Medium Flat Rates full of cards and letting my fellow Benchies have them for cost! I think $15.00 is fair to cover postage, supplies, fees, and gas to the post office - so that's what you pay.

I started stuffing one tonight and will update as I add to it or start more boxes. I figure these would be great for cheap starter sets, Sportlots inventory, TTM fodder, or just use to prop up a table. We've been going through and pulling anything we see as easy money - so don't expect to see any major rookies or big star names. There are a lot of minor stars and I think almost all of this will be base. I just thought I'd see if anyone is game.

I could also do a Large Flat Rate for $20!

Box 1 - Will update as I fill it! Over 2,000 cards!
Around 700 1989 Upper Deck
Around 300-400 1995 Pinnacle
Around 300-400 1996 Upper Deck
Around 400 1994 Topps Series 1
Around 200 1997 Fleer Metal (partial set)
Around 200-300 1996 to 1997 Fleer
Around 200-300 Misc. Cards

Box 2 - Will update
1983 Topps Near Set (missing the big ones)
Around 200-300 1995 Stadium Club
Around 300-400 1996 & 1997 Fleer
Around 400 1995 Stadium Club
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Any interest at all in these? Each box holds between 2,000-2,400 cards and I am trying to only include nicer/desirable issues. Anyone looking for a starter set from the 80's or 90's?

I'm planning on just dumping stuff like 88-92 Score, Donruss, Fleer, etc. So speak up if you want any of that.

Big Daddy

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What do you have in:

81-86 Fleer
81-83, 85-86 Donruss

If you decide to break up into teams I would be interested in the White Sox.