Pay what you want! Flat Rate Box of late 1990s Base Cards + More!!

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Hey Everyone -

I have a lot of 1350 Base Cards from 1996-1999 up for sale. Among them are commons, minor & semistars, and some low-end rookies. There are some duplicates. As well as some Score Mini Cards and 1980s Donruss Jumbos.

You pay what you want beyond the cost of shipping. Shipping will be via a medium Priority Mail Flat Rate Box - so the minimum price I'd need back to cover the cost of shipping and paypal fees is $12.75. Once you receive the cards, you send me $12.75 + whatever $$ amount you want to add on for the cards themselves. I would also accept the $12.75 shipping + cards (instead of $$) - cards like ANY GU, AU, #ed, $5 or more BV cards, and any vintage cards any condition from 1965 and older. I will also consider similar type cards from other sports (FB, BK, HK, even non-sports!) I just need my paypal and shipping costs covered and anything on top of that (in $$ or cards) would be awesome. I would also like to see these cards go to a good home rather than the dump.

Great for a set collector or TTM/IP collector!

Save them from the trash!! LMK. Thanks!!

Scobes ;)

Here is what is included in the lot:
1996 Collectors Choice (111)
1996 Flair (35)
1996 Fleer Update (281)
1996 Pinnacle (50)
1996 Stadium Club (101)
1996 Studio (105)
1996 Topps (47)
1996 Ultra (397)
1997 Topps (19)
1999 Sports Illustrated (35)
Misc (1996-1999) (169)

1350 Base Cards from 1996-1999

Plus these:
(5) 1983 Donruss Action All-Stars (Not MINT)
(8) 1985 Donruss Action All-Stars
(35) 1986 Donruss All-Stars (Mostly MINT)
(40) 1987 Donruss All-Stars (Not MINT)
(56) 1988 Score Great Moments in Baseball Minis Complete Set
(58) 1988 Score Great Moments in Baseball Minis Singles
(56) 1989 Score A Year to Remember Minis Complete Set
(50) 1989 Score A Year to Remember Minis Singles
(73) 1990 Score Magic Motion Trivia Minis (Unsorted - Maybe a complete set)
(41) 1991 Score World Series Trivia Minis Singles