PayPal for Ken Griffey Jr BGS/Inserts/RC etc


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I have upward $115 to add my first Griffey to my collection. Feel free to post what you have (must be Mariners uniform) but I do have some what of a 'want list' below. If even possible at this price. Thanks for posting and Happy New Year!

Mariners Uniform only
BGS preferred
Serial #d
Something 90s insert related

easy mike

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All my Griffey Jr. cards are listed on my "Baseball Players III FT" Thread, which you can find on my profile if you want to take a look, lmk if you find anything you can use. thanks, Mike


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I have some 90's inserts:

1992 10 Classic Promotional Card Ken Griffey, Jr.
1993 59 Upper Deck Future Heroes Ken Griffey, Jr.
1994 7 Stadium Club Dugout Dirt Ken Griffey, Jr.
1994 53 Upper Deck Electric Diamond Ken Griffey, Jr.
1995 6 Ultra Award Winner Ken Griffey, Jr.
1995 199 Topps Cyberstats Ken Griffey, Jr.
1999 2K11 Upper Deck 2K Plus Ken Griffey, Jr.