Personal Collection Milestone!

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Jun 3, 2003
With today's mail entered in I have now cracked the 2k barrier for my ***** League collection with 2003 different cards. Of course this only puts me at 15.9%:eek: Right now this collection spans 208 different players with 108 of those having been completed.

I would like to thank all the traders that have helped me hit this goal, especially those that contact me with ***** League items they have. I have obtained many great cards and non-card items thanks to these traders.

I have to say I really love doing this collection. Between the history(and mystery of this era), the great range of players involved and the hunt for those obscure cards and non-card items it really is a lot of fun. I know I will never get a really high percentage on this collection due to the massive amount of very high-end cards involved with a number of players--Banks, Mays, Aaron, Jackie Robinson, Josh Gibson, Satchel Paige and Campanella to name a few--but given a lifetime I hope to make a dent. Given all the non-card items I find as well the cards are only half of the battle so to speak. I still consider this collection to be in the toddler stages:)

I am still working hard on my new web site and when it is done I really hope it ends up being something special to showcase my collection and to provide information on these players and this era of baseball. With the amount of work it takes and the amount of time I have free though I am shooting for completion within this year...sometime:p
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Hey Matt
Congrats on reaching such a valued milestone. I wish you continued success on trying to reach your goal. I will try and help as always when i go to the different flea markets and auctions.
I will be looking forward to seeing your finsihed project
Later your old new friend