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t.rooster-Have you had a chance to check my message? I'd like to make a deal if possible...can also buy outright if you don't see anything of interest on my trade/htg pages...

Are you only trading? You have some cards I want but I have only been collecting for the last year so I don't have any of the stuff you're looking for but I would possibly be willing to purchase them. PM me and let me know if you would sell. Thanks

89 UD Griffey Jr.
2018 chrome update Ohtani
Luis Robert first Bowman
Still interested in a few things if you want to take another look:

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—1993 Fleer/Excel #210
—1993 UD #449
—1993 Topps #98

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—2002 TOPPS Finest #14 Xfractor -Jeter 116/299 -TRADED
—2008 UD Piece of History Box Score Memories GU jersey BSM-39 -D.Jeter
—2014 Topps #331C variant SP w/hands on hips YASIEL PUIG
—1997 UD GN 15 Generation Next insert -D.Jeter
—2017 Topps Triple Threads relic combo TTRC-MJJ Don Mattingly-bat/ Derek Jeter-pin stripe/ Reggie Jackson-jersey 05/27 -TRADED
—2002 LEAF Rookies & Stars Super Statistical Standout GU base D.Jeter 50/50
Interested in the Ohtani rookies, 2008 Jeter
Zito + Manny:
post #14

Ovation cards:
1999 UD Ovation #1Griffey 13Jeter 18C.Ripken
2000 UD Ovation #36C.Ripken
2000 UD Ovation CS8 Center Stage Derek Jeter
2002 UD Ovation #10 22 27 35Pujols 36 40 48 56 99Griffey 105Sosa
2002 UD Ovation Griffey #95, 96, 97, 98, 99 Super Star Spotlight -Ken Griffey Jr.
2002 UD Ovation #105 Super Star Spotlight -Sosa