Piazza as a Met Trade List

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List Updated 11/7/16...
Piazza Mets
1998 Pacific Omega Prisms 18
1998 Omega E O Portraits 17
1998 Bowmans Best Fusion 20
1998 Upper Deck 681 (SP) (3)453
1999 Bowman Late Bloomers LB-1 (2)
1999 Topps Stars 'N Steel 40
1999 Upper Deck 10th Anniversary X-1 (3)
1999 Upper Deck Immaculate Perception I-18
1999 Arizona fall League Fall League Flashback 29
2000 SPX SPXcitement XC-18
2000 Stadium Club Bats Of Brilliance BB-7
2000 Fleer Focus Focal Points 11
2000 Bowman Chrome Meteoric Rise 6
2000 SPX Heart Of The Order H-2
2000 SPX Power Brokers PB-5
2000 Ionix Atomic A-13
2000 Upper Deck Hit Brigade H-5
2000 Upper Deck Power Rally P-12
2000 Black Diamond Diamond Might M-2
2000 Black Diamond Barrage B-10
2001 Topps Golden Anniversary GA-19
2001 Stadium Club Diamond Pearls DP-18
2001 Ovation Lead Performers LP-6
2001 Fleer Triple Crown Crowning Achievements 8
2001 Upper Deck HR Explosion HR-9
2001 UD MVP Drawing Power DP-7
2001 Finest All Star FAS-7
2001 Upper Deck Superstar Summit 8
2001 Topps gallery Star Gallery SG-10 (2)
2002 Fleer Box Score Amazing Greats 3
2002 Fleer Box Score Mini 7
2002 UD Ballpark Idols Playmakers P-5
2002 Fleer Authentix Jersey Authentik Ripped JA-MP Ripped
2003 Box Score Classic Mini 7
2003 Fleer Genuine Longball Threats Jersey
2003 Topps T-205 Polar Bear Mini 12
2013 Prizm 192

Trade for Wants in my Signature. Trade for nice Corey Seager, Yadier Alvarez and Cody Bellinger
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I know it's not much but should have these 3 from what I saw on your list:

2015 Topps Opening Day Superstar Celebrations #SC09 Clayton Kershaw
2016 Topps Allen and Ginter #329 Andre Ethier SP
2016 Topps Heritage New Age Performers #NAPYP Yasiel Puig

I could use either of these:

2004 Play Ball Parallel 14
2004 Absolute Memorabilia 128
2005 Donruss Classics HR Heroes HR-45

If you can check my Beckett page for anything else that would be fine, Charlie


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Hi Don,
Found this one for you.
2015 Bowman Scouts Top-100 BTP- 76 Holmes

Interested in this one.
2005 Donruss Classics HR Heroes HR-45

I'm guessing we may need a little more for your side if you'd like to look over my tradelists.
Thanks, Al


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Don, I can use:
Piazza Mets
2000 Topps Golden Anniversary GA-19
2001 Donruss Fan Club 20th Anniv 215
2003 Diamond Kings Diamond Cut Bat Relics DC-91 (242/350)
2004 Play Ball Parallel 14 (131/175)

I should have:
2016 Bowman Platinum Next Generation NGR-14 Maeda
Top Prospects TP-AV Verdugo
2016 Bowman Chrome 25 Maeda 40 Seager 60 Urias
2016 Optic Masters Of The Game 12 Piazza
2016 A&G Baseball Legends BL-4 Robinson 24 Koufax
2016 Donruss 14 Greinke DK 32 Seager RR 43 Peraza RR
2016 Donruss Elite Dominators/999 18 Kershaw
2016 Donruss The Prospects 2 Urias
2016 Topps Opening Day Super Celebrations SC-19 Ethier
2016 Topps Heritage New Age Performers AP-YP Puig
2016 Diamond Kings 47 Gilliam
2016 Diampnd Kings D/K Originals 4 Kershaw
2015 Prizm Prizms 150 Puig 153 Greinke
2015 Bowman Prospects Yellow BP- 62 DeLeon
2015 Bowman Scouts Top-100 BTP-33 Pederson

Others to consider:
2014 Topps Redemption- World Series Rings Gold Gems Relic (x/25)- WSR-JP Johnny Podres
2015 MLBPA PLATINUM SERIES FT (Playing Cards)-Los Angeles Dodgers- crawford, ellis, agon, greinke, howell, kersh+, ryu+, turner, van slyke
2015 TOPPS LIMITED TEAM SETS Dodgers 22 cards

LMK if we can work something out...thx