Pirates Winter Caravan 1/25

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Oct 25, 2002
Overland Park, Kansas
Made the trek down the road to Uniontown to visit the Pirates Winter Caravan this evening for an autograph session with five different Buccos - the Winter Caravan is the "unofficial" start to baseball season for me (PirateFest, which is this weekend, is the official start :D ).

Anyways, came away with a pretty good haul (sorry that I don't have scans - my printer's kind of buried right now)

Bob Walk 4/4 (89 Topps, 90 Score, 90 Topps, 92 Leaf)
Andrew McCutchen 1/1 (07 Altoona Curve Grandstand)
Evan Meek 1/1 (Custom)
John Russell 2/2 (91 Upper Deck, 09 Topps)
Kevin Hart 1/1 (09 Topps Update)

Also were able to get autographed 4x6 cards of each of these guys (that the team provides). Also got a ball signed by Greg Brown (announcer) as well as a picture, which I might be able to get up tomorrow.

The dups I have are for trade (a couple of the Walks, an extra Russell), plus the 4x6 cards if anyone's interested.

Thanks for looking!
Moose Hunting or Pirate Hunting

Hey Moose
How is school comming along.
Nice pick ups there .
Job well done.
You going to the big bash on the weekend. If you do get a bunch of autos.
You still working at Idlewild during the Summer.