Plano TX Card Show 7.16.16

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Bench Warmer
Jan 30, 2004
Plano TX Card Show 7.16.16 w update

Our next monthly sports card and memorabilia show will be held on Saturday July 16th at the Comfort Inn and Suites Plano East, located at 700 E Central Pkwy, Plano, TX 75074. The show will run from 10 AM to 4 PM and feature approximately 40 tables with merchandise vintage and new for sale.

This month our highlights include our anticipated $15 per hour door prize. We will also continue to be the only place where the hobby version of Decision 2016 is available for just $80 per box. With each box purchased you will receive a special promo card with a minimum Beckett value of $8.

We will also, as usual, have our complete line of Beckett publications and annuals for sale/

Among our dealers will be Leon Luckey, owner of the prestigious Net 54 Message Board which is the best reference for pre-1948 cards and Scott Brockleman, owner of Brockleman auctions, who has some of the best rates in the hobby with no seller's commissions and a meagre 12.5 buyers premium.

Among our upcoming shows will be our August 13th show held in conjunction with Past Pros, who are bringing in (please note this group is subject to change) Ellis Valentine, Al Oliver, Jeff Russell and Don Stanhouse. Then in early September we will have our 2 location, 4 day Labor Day Weekend sweep. Friday and Saturday will be at the Comfort Inn while Sunday and Monday will be at Adat Chaverim. Rich is happy to say they have more cards and prizes than ever for their goodie bags at the Adat show.

October will also be a special 2 day Columbus Day Weekend show. We have confirmed Homer Bush as a guest on October 9th.

Watch these emails for more exciting news for each show.
Note about our show at the Comfort Inn and Suites Plano East located at 700 E Central Pkwy, Plano, TX 75074 this Saturday, July 16th from 10 AM to 4 PM

Normally in our show promotions we talk about our dealers, our $15 hourly door prizes (which we are doing this month) or our autograph guests, Instead this month, because of the events which affected the Dallas community, we are going to have a slightly different feel this month. We are going to donate a significant percentage of our profits to the families of the slain Dallas officers who were just doing their duty at a peaceful assembly. The families of those officers are truly victims as now they are going to be without their sons, husbands or fathers for the rest of their lives. We believe that all lives do matter and want to assist those who were affected in ways we cannot even imagine.

On a personal note from Rich. Rich has mentioned on Facebook that he went through training at the Crisis line with many Dallas Swat officers and learned from talking to them and working with them they were people like you and me. They want to do their job and go home to their family and friends at the end of each day. Sadly, five police officers never got to go home on Thursday Evening. So, we are going to donate a significant percentage of our July profits to the Assist the Officers program run by the Dallas Police Department ( and urge if you are unable to attend the show this weekend, please donate directly if you wish. IN addition, Colin Greer of Past Pros, who are bringing several guests to our August show is also going to donate a percentage of any profits to assist the officers families