Player collection additions: Darin Erstad/Eddie Murray


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New Darin Erstad

2003 SPx

2005 Donruss Champions Blue (1 card left for the "rainbow")

2008 Topps Bat /99

2010 Topps Black

New Eddie Murray

2004 Ultimate Collection dual gu/auto

2005 Upper Deck HOF (one step closer to completing the set!)

2005 Upper Deck HOF gold parallel

2007 UD Premiere triple patch

2008 Donruss Sports Legends Mirror Gold auto

2008 Triple Threads /25

2008 Ultimate Collection jumbo patch

2008 Ultimate Collection multi-gu (front/back)

2009 Topps Sterling

2009 Topps Triple Threads

2010 Topps (not a big fan of the manufactured patches)

What is up with this? Glued onto a gray cardboard back? Really Topps?


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Awesome stuff! I love looking at your new O's Murray pickups. I was going to bid on that Ripken/Murray auto, but I'm glad I didn't since I probably wouldn't have won but would have just driven up the price.

I love those Ultimate Patches, I've got a couple of Markakis. I don't have the coin for a Ripken one! BTW, I think they are calling all the Ultimate stuff that just came out "2009" not 2008 if it matters to you.


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Great cards! The Hat Logos are some of the best I've seen! I can't find the Dawson Donruss Champions Blue for anything...