please help advise on an 07 topps chrome 'master' set - baseball

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Mar 15, 2007
new joisey
I have an 07 topps chrome full set with Japanese variations (5 I believe off the top of my head) - generation now set, mantle story & hr sets and all of the autos ... how much should I start the ebay auction for or should I just do a BIN? - thanks for your input, Erik
If you do auction I would start 0.99 and if you need a certain amount then I would put a reserve of what ever amount you need to get for the set! Not sure on a BIN though!

Might be a good idea to start with a buy it now/best offer, it will only cost .35 cents to list it + the cost of extra pictures. Just set the price at or above what you would be happy getting in return & see what happens. If you don't get much of a response, then maybe hold onto the set for a little while longer or try it again in a couple weeks-
My 2 cents :)
To start it off, I would also say start with a BIN and best offer option and see what kind of offers I get. If you do open it to bidding, don't be afraid to start at .99 because I can imagine there will be plenty of bits for this set.
thanks everyone ... i'm still debating what to do - I see there is one on ebay now but it is only the set w/ autos (not the subsets) and they have a $499 BIN/BO on it - I think that a bit high for this set - imo - erik