PLEASE help me find these last 8 cards!!!!!


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Of the 500+/- cards produced during my PC player's career, I have acquired all but 8. A very fitting number since my collection is of Gary Carter. Please take a look at the items below and let me know if you could be of any help. And to anyone else who PC's The Kid, I have a couple of dupe autos (#/100 & #/15) and three extra GU's available FT. To anyone else, I'm offering the best of what I have left in tradebait or willing to buy. Thanks for your time and taking a look!!!

1975 Expos Postcards 7

1976 Expos Redpath 4

1979 Baseball Patches 15

1982 FBI Discs 6

1982 Topps Blackless AS 344

1985 Topps/OPC Minis 230

1986 Mets Colla Postcards 3

1990 Donruss Aqueous Test 147
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