Possibly for trade 2016 Topps Bryce Harper In the Name 1 of 1

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Mar 19, 2011
Not positive I want to trade this, but would like to see if I can possibly get some of my vintage want list for it.

Hard to value, but I'm guessing I'd put it on Ebay for $400 or $500.

Will try to scan it later, when I can.
I'm not sure where to value the card either but I may or may not be able to hit some of your vintage wants. I have quite a stack of vintage stars and rookies, and in addition I have quite a few vintage stars and rookies that are PSA graded 7's or 8's if you were to be interested in those. I looked at your SCF page but noticed on several years you did not have an actual list for some years. Anyway, I understand if you are wanting to keep the Harper, but if you were to seriously consider trading it. I'd like to take a crack. Just let me know.


p.s. Your private message box is full.
Hey Josh

If you have what it sounds like, it sounds possible. I tried to check out your page, but it just is black, with no text:( I know they are having some issues at that site, and a new one is coming.

I did just clear some space in my PM inbox. I will try to post a scan of the card here shortly, also. Maybe you can PM me what years you have cards in, or something? I have my list of what I need on paper....just don't like typing in hundreds of #s:)
Here's my first effort at this....hope it comes out ok:)

Billy, is that a bang on the bottom left corner and is there damage to the right of the name? Just want to make sure before I start typing a massive list. I can handle a touch to the bottom corner but if there is damage near the name I would be out. Let me know. Thanks.

Trying to put a better scan up, with a backpage, but it made the pic a lot smaller, for some reason. Heck, no, there's no surface damage. That left bottom corner does have a very slight ding....was that way out of the pack...such a thick card and all. Anyways, here's another pic try:

Yeah I can handle a ding with it being a 1/1. I wil check your site and get you a list together in the next little bit. Maybe we can come up with something. I would love to add that Harper to the PC.