Post your dual or triple success card here


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I just LOVE these duals and triples. I hope to use your successes as a guide to what I might be able to get.

I'll start us off.



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DeLeon I got thru a signing

this one can't be finished

have a few 74 Topps with 3 of 4 signed that don't look like I will get done TTM, few of the guys I'll have to get lucky and hope someone has a signing with them which is unlikely seeing as they never really did much


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This one is currently out at Dan Roundfield's address and has been for about 3 months, I may not get it back unfortunately...



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I'll play along, I only have a few... both incomplete (one of them may be lost tho).

Got Mickey Vernon, Bill Gardner and Ozzie Virgil on this one, unfortunately Mr. Brewer past away so it will not be completed.

and this one has 3 of 5, got Claude Raymond, Duke Snider and Jean-Pierre Roy.... I sent it out to Rusty Staub months ago... it may be gone forever! The risks of this hobby huh?


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Here's a few I could locate quickly in my bucket

Gary Johnson signed his nickname "Big Hands"

Kind of hard to see, Warren Moon signed over Drew Hill's half and Hill signed over the Aerial Assualts graphic.



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Here are the only two that I have gotten dual signed so far.

<a href=""><img src="" alt="Clay Carrol Phil Niekro RC TTM Autos" /></a>

<a href=""><img src="" alt="Tony LaRussa Roger Craig TTM Autos" /></a>


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Very fun topic. The scanner chopped a few of these - all cards are perfect.

Ready? Here goes...

By far, my greatest "project" is the 1993 Topps Managers...

To finish it, I need...
# 503 Tony Perez to match the already signed Buck Rodgers and
# 514 Dusty Baker to match the already signed Cito Gaston.

I approached Dusty earlier this season on the last day they were in town and he said, "Where've you been? I've signed all weekend!"... and walked away, one-on-one. I'll get him next year and then I'll pay for the Perez if I have to.

Being a Clevelander, my favorite is the Alomar brothers...

Probably my best one from a "player potential" perspective is the Mauer/Morneau...

The "No-Hitter" triple auto is pretty cool...

Then there's this "BAL No Hitter" quad I'm still working on...

This one I'm torn on whether to send it to Mark Williamson through the mail. Anyone know his signing habits? I've gotten him before and he was a bit of an oddball person - clearly dropped a few times as a child. I can see him either keeping it or signing it in green crayon or something goofy. Mike Flanagan also signed over Williamson, which adds to the goofiness of this one. Still would like to finish it.

I've got about 15 other double-signed cards completed and probably 25 or so that have single sigs. It drives me nuts to have these partials in my collection so I've stopped the multi-player cards altogether.

Every one of these autographs are authentic as they were obtained in-person, by me!
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I thought it was lost forever... but look what I found in my mailbox today.... now with 4 out of 5 signatures on it!


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This bad boy is nowhere near done, but I still love it with a passion!

Then there's this-

...And this-

Also, I know this isn't double or triple signed, but wouldn't it be a riot if it were! :D