:) ........Post Your Top 20 Favorite Patches In Your Personal Collection........ :)


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Aloha Everybody,

Well as many of you know, my trading days are now over, with the occasional purchase here and there. I chat with a few of you on instant messaging and we've decided to make a thread to show off our top 20 favorite patches in our personal collection. I decided to focus my top 20 on special logo type or odd multi color patches.

Feel free to leave any comments, call them out as fakes if you must :p , and then post your top 20 favorite patch scans! :D

Lets have some fun showing of our pc people! ;)

1. Derek Hagan 1/1

2. Andre Ethier

3. Daunte Culpepper 28/50

4. Derek Hagan 19/25

5. Ronnie Brown 98/99

6. Joe Flacco 62/75

7. Matt Leinart 13/25

8. Mike Piazza 58/99

9. Mike Schmidt Auto on Jersey

10. Preston Wilson 39/50

11. Bo Jackson 31/59

12. Eric Chavez 30/99

13. Torii Hunter 125/150

14. Jeremy Affeldt 27/50

15. Derek Hagan 10/10

16. Prince Fielder 33/99

17. Jordy Nelson 187/199

18. Lorenzo Booker

19. Mike Bibby 125/150

20. Scott Olsen 86/99



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I only own 4 patches but here they are, and my Satchel GU since it has stitching (not quite a patch but still one of my favorite cards!):



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This thread needs a little more Cleveland color! :)














I know, it's only 13, but my PC isn't that amazing. Here's a card I used to have but traded it a while ago.

Thanks for looking!


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Sweet patch right there!

Awesome! Thanks for sharing.

Those three are way cool patches!

Well, very nice patches everyone has posted. I can't participate because I only own 1 patch! LOL!

Well post the 1 up bro! :confused:

nice collections of patches everbody


Thanks Rob!

Love that one Christian! Thanks for sharing!

Very sweet Gwynn patch right there!