Preview Cards? Are they worth anything?

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Aug 2, 2007
Sierra Vista, AZ
What is the deal with preview cards? I have collected several hundred through the purchase of lots on Ebay. Are these cards sent to dealers and have no value? I have large partial lot of 1999 Edge Galvanized football and many random Donruss and other brand previews. Should I just throw these cards in the garbage as I will never be able to put together the sets?

depends on what they are and how many were made...some promo's are expensive, others you can't give away...just depends...I'd keep them just because they are cool...i like stuff like that myself.
Player collectors can be nuts, don't depend on just unloading the stars. Eventually, you could probably find homes for most any player's cards.
They are wanted by player collectors. That is usually it.

Premium is right. I love finding promo cards of Nolan Ryan, CWebb, and Peyton Manning. Mostly they aren't worth much if you are strictly going by BV. I usually trade $5-$10 or so for a Ryan that I need.
I've seen those promo variation Tiger Woods 2001 SPA rookies go for a small fortune....sometimes the lower end people will bring good money on ebay...i know I'd be willing to spend some $$$ on any Bradshaw stuff i dont have...he's not much more than a common...just paid $20+ for a Bowman Gold 07 Refractor though because I needed it...have no idea what it books for but I doubt it is $20...but oh well, I needed it.
Look for team collectors, too.

Your best bet - list them here and see what interest you get. Bump the post a few times to make sure folks see it... weekday, weekend, morning, evening bumps.