printers that can handle blanks?

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Apr 19, 2008
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Abingdon VA
i'm getting ready to get a new printer, a new scanner, and a new computer...i want a printer that i can straight feed heavier card stock it doesn't have to make the turn to feed from the front tray. Anyone know of a good printer that will do this...i had a chepo HP once that fed straight from the back but have not seen one in years.

i think i'm going to go with the Epson V500 scanner...gets good reviews from what i've read...want to stay around $200 for the scanner and dont want an all in one unit.

anyway...i think if i can find something that will feed card blanks it would be cool to make some cut customs of a few things...then send them off to get psa slabbed at some point. I've seen a few of these and they looked great...whoever did them did an awesome job...saw a '51 Mickey Mantle on Ebay that was just amazing...guy used a couple of Bowman reprints to make it then had it slabbed...might still be on ebay.