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Hi Everyone,

I'm sure some of you have noticed this, but does anyone know why the BA Top 100 prospect list on the league home page is so different from the rankings when I go to my team page and click on BA Top Prospects? Just wondering if it's a difference between how my team scounts/management view the players vs. how the BA guys are judging talent?

For instance, on the league home page ranking, my guys go like this:
17 - RF Rojas
41 - 3B Higgins
60 - SP Fernandez
69 - SS Martinez
79 - C Rogers​

When I click on Top Prospects from my team page, the order is this (it always seems to over-rate mediocre SPs):
1 - SP Fernandez
2 - CL Gillich
3 - CL Stroud
4 - SP Patterson
5 - RF Rojas
6 - 3B Higgins
7 - SS Martinez
8 - C Rogers

Personally, I don't completely agree with either ranking, but I tend to think the one on league home page is better. There's no way that SP Patterson is really my 4th best prospect! What do you guys use/prefer? I've found myself not really using the BA and team home page rankings much at all lately - I'm just kind of judging prospects on my own, I guess. Personally, if I were ranking my prospects based on how much I'd want back in return for each of them, I'd go:
1 - SP Fernandez
2 - RF Rojas
3 - SS Martinez
4 - 3B Higgins
5 - CL Gillich
6 - C Rogers
7 - CL Stroud​

Patterson probably wouldn't be in my top 12. Curious to hear if anyone knows why the lists are so different and if other people think the rankings are flawed? There are always examples like this, but I can't figure out how MR Crowder is the #70 prospect with potential ratings of 13 12 16 and my guy CL Gillich isn't in the top 100 despite potential ratings of 19 15 14. Weird...



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I know what you mean. It's even weirder if you go into your player development stuff and look at the talent rankings there (they set a top 200 at the beginning of each year but I don't think it changes).

The League BA Top 100 is by far the most dynamic (changes all the time) and from what I gather, the most effective rankings system.

All of the systems well over value starting pitching. I have very mediocre pitchers that are somehow in the top 100. Doesn't really surprise me though, given the lack of pitching talent in the league, and the fact that pitching is getting more and more thin every single year from a minor league standpoint.