Pulled a strange 2016 GQ. Need help finding info...

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Just got in my boxes that I bought off Ebay. Pulled this card in my first box:

I can not seem to find anything on the net about this card from GQ. I did find out that it is a 1934 Godfrey Phillips Tobacco Card of Helen Twelvetrees framed inside the card. There is NO serial number and it doesn't look to be a repro. Card is in beautiful shape. If you are like me and eager for info about Helen, check here for her story-


If you know where there might be GQ info on this or other cards similar to this in this years GQ, please share the link.
Thanks in advance, Mike

David K.

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Among the more eclectic or premium memorabilia cards, hobby-only Ancient Era Remnants feature buybacks from the 1920s to 1950s in a GQ frame. Laces Around the League (#/5) include a large piece of game-used baseball, complete with the seams/stitches. Prime Bat Relics (1/1) add a a quality bat piece and Original Art Patch (1/1 - Hobby) cards combine game-used patches with original sketches.

Heres information from the cardboardconnection checklist of GQ! Best regards, David
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There are several "ancient era remnants" on eBay. You can get a feel for value by completed listings of similar cards.