Quacking up with Brotherly Love


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Here is all of the past few days goodies. Here my wife said with a baby on the way my autograph collecting needed to slow down, ha! Slowly closing in on 60 different 2013-14 Score cards now with a bunch out and mailing probably another 14 out today for hopeful cosignment.
Brayden and Luke Schenn-136 days, mailed seperate

Brad Boyes-29 days Score is FT for another card from this set I don't have

Jaroslav Halak-30 days and everything else is from a 50/50, Corey Perry/Ryan Getzalf 8x10 and Teemu Selanne RC

HOFer Scott Niedermayer

Saku Kouivu

Teemu Selanne

Cam Fowler

Corey Perry