Question for ebay sellers

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Nov 9, 2002
Louisville area
I was thinking about putting some stuff on ebay tonight and having it end on Sunday evening. What do you guys think about the five day auctions? I realize you lose a couple days of exposure, but has anyone had any adverse effects from having a Tue-Sun auction(s)?

Any input is appreciated!
Tim - I like the Sunday - Sunday best myself. I have listed Tuesday - Sunday numerous times and been satisfied though. Best of luck with your auctions!


*My 76ers almost got the top pick! I was hoping to see Wall in a Philly Jersey. (Cousins?)
Thanks Craig. Wall to the Wizards to toil in obscurity for three years then sign a big contract somewhere else! I'd say Cousins will go in the top 5. Didn't see the lottery so not sure who got the top 5 picks but regardless I don't see him falling lower than that.
Nothing wrong with ending on Sunday with a 5 day auction but personally I'd go with the 7 day auction since I don't see anything wrong with ending on a Tueaday either.
I don't think it's as important as you may think it is. I prefer five day auctions so I don't need to wait as long. However, I try not to end on friday and saturday nights.
I don't think it's as important as you may think it is. I prefer five day auctions so I don't need to wait as long. However, I try not to end on friday and saturday nights.

I agree with this... I for one spend Sunday night with my family and perusing ebay is the last thing on my mind. Unfortunately I have missed many an auction because I spend my weekends doing fun stuff. But it is sooooo worth it!

On the other hand, sometimes people like to bid at the latest possible point in time. So if a guy is going out on Friday night, he will place his bid before he leaves even though it's a couple hours earlier than he would have like to bid. Then another guy does the same thing, and your item is way up there. Now you just hope that there is a third guy sitting there waiting to bid! Ebay is such a strange creature, sometimes items that end at 4 am sell for less than normal, but sometimes the opposite is true and it sells for more than ever. There is sort of an element of luck involved when selling on ebay.

Besides, these days with snipers all of these points are practically moot. You just have to hope the right people see your auction, and if they have 7 days to see it, well, that's 2 extra days for them to catch your auction.

What I despise is 1 day auctions. Who knows how many items zipped past me like that. Probably the #1 cards on my wantlist, but I don't like to think about it. ;)
I have to agree with the point that it doesn't matter so much of when the auction ends but rather how many people see it. Ebay is all about exposure and finding people who are looking to buy what you want to sell. Good listings and descriptions go a lot longer than what day an auction ends. Also try to avoid listing auctions at common times bills are due. No one wants to spend anything at those times.
I think 5 days is fine. 5 days gives you a pretty good exposure to your stuff. good luck.
If it is a hot item then you don't need more then that allotted time. If it is a regular common then more time will expose it to more ebayer's and might generate more revenue.
My opinion.