Question in regards to the 2009 Bowman Draft Buster Posey Auto BPA-BP 2 diff version


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Hi, made a trade awhile back for a 2009 Bowman Draft Buster Posey BPA-BP Autograph. The card I have of him is of Buster batting, checked Ebay and majority of cards from the Bowman Draft have him in a posed standing postion. Just wondering if there are different versions or do I have a card from a different Bowman product? Any help would be appreciated!!

Thanks in advance!!



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You have the second one (from Bowman and not Bowman Draft).

2009 Bowman Draft Prospect Autographs #BP Buster Posey AU $60.00
2009 Bowman Prospects Autographs #BPAPB Buster Posey AU $60.00