Question on how possible this is...

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Aug 30, 2007
The Michigan Thumb
yesterday (see m thread), I got this signed by Brian Ruggiano:


Brian's older brother is Tampa Bay Rays OF Justin Ruggiano. What are the chances I could get him to sign it and make this a dual? No big deal if I can't, just want to know.
I would definitely give it a try ... personally I love variations of signed baseballs.

If you try and pursue it, you could do some online research and locate his home address. Then send him a letter asking permission to send the baseball.

If you can't get the home address, wait for Spring Training next year.

Good luck!
If Justin Ruggiano is with the Durham Bulls at the start of next season, I can definately get the ball signed for you. Let's keep an eye on the roster for the start of next season and we can talk more if he is assigned to Durham again. In the meantime, good luck with getting it signed. That would definately be a cool item.