Question on your buying tendencies

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Sep 21, 2004
I will probably be trying to consolidate my collection during the summer, and I was wondering what people are willing to buy right now. I know money seems to be tight these days, so I was hoping that people would be willing to help me out and let me know what they would be willing to buy, and approximately how much of high book you're willing to pay. For example, a player collector would say he's only willing to buy autos and GU at 40% high book, but is only trading, not buying, for base, inserts, #d, etc. I would really appreciate your help. Thank you in advance.
That's a pretty tough question to answer. To find out what people are willing to pay I would check ebay.
I'm not interested as much in how much people would pay. Instead, I'm more interested in seeing what people are willing to buy, and what people would only trade for. I know a lot of people will only buy certain things, and will only trade for others, usually lower end items. That's more what I'm trying to find out. I appreciate the help though.
Buying or trading is really not an important factor with me.

About the only thing I buy consistantly are tougher to find cards for my Ryan Howard collection or HOF autographs I need.

I can usually work out trades for almost everything else. If trades can't be worked out, then I will offer to buy.

Hope that helps you out.

I'll buy or trade anything. The caveat being, I tend to buy at shows/shops for the bulk of my low $ wants. I have small Brad Radke and Dan Gladden collections, and it just doesn't make sense to me economically to buy online when a lot of the oddball stuff carries a 25 or 50 cent BV. I generally don't find enough of what I'm looking for to justify the s/h. Gladden has just over 100 cards, and only a handful book over $1. Doesn't make sense to pay $1.50 postage on a trade or buy to get (3) 15 cent cards. even if I got them for 20% Book, that'd still be $1.59 for 45 cents of cards.
I've built a sizeable hof game used(jersey,bat,pants,patch) and auto collection via trades, bv for bv. I do buy from members here as well as on ebay. My buying benchmark is around low book, maybe a little more depending on the player. Reasoning being if i need to sell, I can get my money back.

That being said, if you get any hof stuff I may be interested. But I have a lot and am mostly looking for earlier hof game used and cut autos.

good luck, john
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I am working on one of my GU sets pretty hard. If you have any 2005 Absolute ToTT GU cards, let me know. I usually buy at 5 - 8 for the low end players and 10 - 15 for the higher end players. If you have Steve Carlton auto/gu from that set, I am working on a project and pay a lot more.

I hope that this helps.
I appreciate all of your guys posts. When I start going through everything, I will let you know if I have anything.