Question - Visiting Team Hotels

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Jan 25, 2009
Markham, Ontario
I'm not much of an autograph IP hound... I mostly just go to public signings for IP stuff. But I wanna try to get Glen Sather while the Rangers are in town this weekend to face the Leafs.

How do you go about approaching players/coaches at hotels... and more importantly how does one find out what hotels teams use?
best is your teams fourm on i now mine in anihiem cuz the rookies stay there for pre season and the baseball players too....when u do find out dont have a bunch of stuff. if they see your not a guess they will toss u out. hang at the bar or lounge area. best when the team bus comes to pick themn up get them than when loading. dont go floor by floor looking they wont sign and its kinda stalking. team bus loading or in the lobby waiting for the team bus is the best.

and don't worry... I had no intentions of knocking on doors.. lol... that would be going a little far. Just hanging around the front of the hotel was what I had in mind.
best to go in...if u linger they know ur getting auto. if u act like a guest than its cool

Interesting that you mention this. I was staying in Atlanta last Thanksgiving with friends of the family, and the Colts happened to be staying in the Marriott downtown where we were staying that. There must have been at least 100 people standing/sitting around the hotel lobby with loads of Colts stuff in their hands. They certainly looked like autograph seekers and not guests with the number of people there and the amount of stuff each individual was carrying. I didn't get anything signed, but I did end up riding an elevator with Tony Dungy. Pretty cool!