Quick opportunity / Cool product for NFL Player Collectors - Brady, Rodgers + others


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Freaker USA manufactures one size fits all bottled beverage insulators.
This product prevents bottle sweat and keeps your favorite beverage colder longer.
If you've never seen one, think of it like a cool sweater for a bottle. It's fits 12oz bottles all the way up to 64oz Growlers.

Freaker ended their NFL contract last Tuesday and had a blow out sale on their NFL product line to their direct to consumer clients which I am through my breweries.

Before I take these to ebay, I wanted to toss them up here in case any player collectors or NFL fans wanted to add them to their collections.

Here's what I have:
5 - Christian McCaffrey
5 - Ezekiel Elliott
10 - Aaron Rodgers
10 - Russell Wilson
40 - Tom Brady


Note regarding the Brady - it is exactly the same product as the others, it's just not affixed to a retail backer because I bought them in bulk.

(1 - 3) $10.00 each delivered
(4 or more) $9.00 each delivered

Paypal send to friend or Venmo.

I will leave this up for a day or two then they are going to Ebay.
Wanted to put it in front of true collectors first.

Let me know if you are interested.