Ralph Houk is the man!!!!

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Ralph Houk 2/2 1 week
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As some of you may know, "61*" is my favorite baseball flick. I think I've watched that VHS tape a 100 times. Houk really did a marvelous job at the helm of that Yankees club, and is one of my all time favorite major league managers. Considering the job he did at the beginning of his MLB managerial career, and the rebuilding job he did with the Yanks, as well as the job he did rebuilding the Tigers and turning them back into contenders, I still think he should be in the HOF. Also, it's still a bit amusing to see the guy who played D-Day in "Animal House" as Ralph Houk, but Bruce McGill did a terrific job playing the Yankee skipper in "61*."
The Major is awesome! He won a Silver Star, Purple Heart and a Bronze Star in WWII!
As Lt. Aldo Raines from Inglourious Basterds says, he likes killin' "Nat-zees."