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random football items from my tables at the flea market for sale (august)


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i won't bore you with the details , but due to circumstances beyond my control , i'm behind on rent , car payment , insurance , phone/internet , lights , credit cards , and food for both the fur babies and myself....as such , i'm trying my best to get some items organized and sold off ASAP....i had several other threads either listing specific items or multi-sport lists ....at this time i'm combining the smaller threads and splitting up the multi-sport ones in hopes of making them easier to follow for both me and any potential buyers....

i am slowly putting together small lists of items available in each sport....these items run the gamut from very low end to a few nice rare and/or high-end items....some are pure "inventory" acquired with the sole intent of reselling while others are items that were picked up as PC items before my current crisis arose , but all of them are cards i either have on my table at the local flea market already or that are stored in tubs and boxes at home waiting to be moved to the market.... for now i'm just going through random boxes and listing whatever i come across.....just let me know if you see something you can use and if we can work out a deal i'll gladly pull stuff off my table this weekend....

shipping will be $2.50 for delivery via bubble mailer ....spend more than $20 and shipping is free...

graded cards -
all gone for now

autos -
1997 sp authentic sign of the times autograph terry allen redskins 12.50
2002 topps heritage real one autograph red ink hr-ja john abraham 19/57 jets 25.00

relics :
2017 score pro bowl jersey 18 andy lee 49ers 5.00

miscellaneous :
1989 score 270 troy aikman rc cowboys 15.00
1990 pro set 161c art shell raiders dob 11/26/46 w/ small hof banner text on front 6.00
1994 Pacific Marquee Prisms Gold #12 Brett Favre packers 15.00
1994 sp rc 3 marshall faulk colts 10.00
1996 upper deck hot properties ht8 steve young/mark brunell 49ers/jaguars 5.00
1996 upper deck hot properties gold ht12 rodney hampton/terrell davis giants/broncos 7.50
1997 collector's choice turf champions tc90 john elway broncos 15.00
1997 ultra platinum medallion p40 robert brooks packers 8.00
1998 UD Choice Starquest/Rookquest Red #SR7 Jerry Rice/Randy Moss 49ers/vikings 25.00
2000 donruss season stat line 76 tony gonzalez 28/90 chiefs 6.00
2002 Upper Deck XL #362 Alan Faneca RC steelers 15.00 (minor dings on both right corners)
2004 Flair #61 Eli Manning RC 295/799 giants 12.00 (minor chipping on border)
2007 playoff prestige 163 calvin johnson rc lions 5.00
2017 Donruss Salute to Service #5 Alejandro Villanueva steelers 12.00

below this point i will be adding my off-grade scratch-and-dent section....

all cards in this section will have some kind of flaw such as one or more dinged corners , edge wear , surface scratches/indentations , creases/surface wrinkles , or significant centering issues but i don't consider them bad enough to simply toss out....i began compiling a box of these lightly damaged cards over 10 years ago and i currently have over 2500 cards that fit into this category in my scratch-and-dent clearance box at the local market....i don't have that big box here at home today so i only have a few cards posted today , but as time permits , i will be adding more - LOTS more....hopefully some of you can find a few bargains


scratch-and-dent list to come shortly....

while i am really looking to sell , items i would at least CONSIDER in trade at this time include :

any vintage mickey mantle
chipper jones inserts/relics
mike trout base or low-end inserts/parallels
anything ronald acuna
1976 topps walter payton rookie
juju smith-schuster rookie autographs , relics , and numbered inserts
dallas cowboy autographs , relics , and numbered parallels and inserts
deshaun watson any 2017 material plus 2018 non-base
any george rogers autographs or relics
jayson tatum rookie material
steph curry base and low-end inserts/parallels
lebron james base and low-end inserts/parallels
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bump for friday night....weekend offer : spend $25-49.99 take an extra 10% off....spend $50 or more and take 15% off...


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have 2018 prestihe rising stars Deshaun Watson game used lmk if can use

appreciate the offer but my car was repossessed today (after i was told i had until next week to get a payment in but now need to come up with 4 payments and then wait a week to get it back), my verizon account is likely to be cut off tomorrow unless i can get 150 in the bank by , um tonight) , i have to raise 900 to cover insurance by the 14th , have to raise another 1000 to bring my primary bank account back to zero , and i have a 190 dollar rent payment due on my flea market warehouse this sunday (with no way to get there , let alone come up with the rent)....all this falling on me as i am unemployed (partially disabled but not eligible for most benefits at this time) and trying to take care of mom with alzheimers in the nursing home...

i really hate to come across as whining , crying , begging , etc , because i know we all have problems (and i'm sure quite a few people could not care less and say it's all my fault or that i deserve it) , but under the circumstances , i am now limited to just selling in hopes of surviving this ordeal....that said , if my situation does get resolved and you still have that card , i could use it...