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I have been thinking of ways to get some new blood in the league. I put a thread up and was contacted by a former owner who had some good thoughts about the league. He brought up that the Hardcore owners make it not as much fun for the more casual owners who are looking more for a diversion and some relaxing fun. I started to think about this and can see how this could be true. I have heard reports in the past of owners feeling pressured to make trades by aggressive owners who keep hounding about a player or two. Also it seems that many rule changes cause confusion and a lack of consistency for the owners who are not on here all the time .
I would love to get this league back up to full capacity with a full roster of one team owners. I am not sure how to help get that done.
Without trying to cause a rift or start any hard feelings, does anyone have any thoughts or ideas on things we could do to keep our present owners and or attract new owners to our league?
I hope that Heath helping out Cory keeps him fresh with running this league. Also new rules to help keep more parity in the league sound like the right idea to me.
I am, and have been afraid since we started having dual ownership that interest would wane. I am a big part of running the Pirates for Chris and he would probably just let his team go except that he did not want to lose another owner. I think he will get back in full swing soon, but for now we discuss big moves and trades and I export for him many times. Not the best of solutions but it has kept him fairly active and kept consistency in the league.

Just my thoughts , thanks Pat


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I am open to any ideas. Most of the 'new' owners end up crapping out on me activity wise. I just need about 10 owners like Mike (rangers) and we'd be where we want to be.

I agree with the bugging new owners regarding player trades. That is one sure-fire way to chase people off. Especially when they may have a franchise with one or two key talents, if that.

As far as Rule changes, it is a matter of cause and effect, or proactively looking forward to issues that we would have.

Honestly, I am still very much training Heath to run the sims, but he can do the very basic sims outside of drafts and special stuff, which is a good start. I don't know if there will ever be a point where I completely clean my hands of anything, but being able to have him process the mundane definitely helps my morale, which in turn allows me to get more stuff done on an administrative side.


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Here's an easy rule to keep those over aggressive people in check--no PM's regarding a player unless they have specifically put up a thread offering that player. I don't want to see a few bad apples ruin it for the rest of us--or the future "us" if we can get some more peeps in.


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First off, I really enjoy the BSL. I look forward to seeing how my team does every two days (even though they haven't been that good over the past few seasons).

Second, anything we can do to make more parity in the league I am for. It just seems the good teams stay good and the bad teams stay bad. I was a fairly good team for a few years but once I fell apart, I haven't been able to get anything going for the past five or six years. I was excited a few years ago as I had some nice young talent but most of them have been fair to poor since I called them up a few years ago. I even kept them in the minor leagues a year or two longer just to be sure they were ready to go. It didn't work out.

As far as getting new owners, we have all tried to get people in here. I am glad I could get my buddy Mike (Texas owner) interested in taking a team. I know he likes it and hope he sticks with it.

I don't see anything wrong with someone being a owner of multiple teams. I would think as long as one team is in each league (American/National). I think it is better for the league to have active owners than owners who don't do much.

I would also like the Rookie Draft to go a few more rounds on a thread. I don't see why we can't do three rounds in less that a week.

Cory, is there anything we can do to make the league run smoother or quicker? Maybe if we had a few other owners help with things it might help out. If I can do anything, I will be more than glad to help.

Just some thoughts.



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It has been a while since I managed an OOTP team but I'd be interested if you have openings. I think I need 2012 version but I believe it's available free? Let me know.