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Jun 2, 2008
Most of these are from 50/50s on SCN but wanted to share my crazy good day.

Andy Hawkins 8x10 x 3 (marty0419, military11b2001, me)
Colby Lewis 8x10 (mattboyd), team bat
Michael Kirkman 1 card, 1 team bat
Ron Washington 8x10 x2 (military 11b2001, me), 1 card (rangersfan1982)
David Murphy 8x10 (military11b2001)
Jorge Cantu 2 cards
Jackie Moore 2 cards (sheehy, me)
Matt Harrison 4 cards (2 mightyswede, 1 jbsouth, 1 me)

Total 8 8x10s, 10 cards, 2 on team bat= 20 autographs!
awesome job!!anything for trade?(kirkman?)

cantu better stop with the way he has been playing since coming over...
Chris- this is my first kirkman (from roughriders teams set I am trying to get signed), but if you have any cards of him feel free to send them to me and next one I get is yours.

There were only 6 people out there today, it was awesome
Bummer, still an awesome day though. I'm sure you'll be back again before the season ends. I am shocked that Cantu stopped!

It was awesome he stopped way down the hill and blocked cliff lee from getting in but cliff would not roll his window down
cool. now is the time to go again i suppose. maybe ill go to one of the det games...Supposedly Granger is going to try to get us a Damon ball(my sister in law gave him free tickets to one of the games) since they played in the KC minors together...i know tomorrow is that steep 59 dollar Cliff Lee signing in grapevine..And Kins and Cruz are in Frisco this weekend...

Good time to be a Ranger fan :)

Going to Air Hogs Sunday...Hope to rake it in again..last game of year.
dude if you get a damon that would be so sweet, I would be super jealous. Wish I could go out to frisco tomorrow, I need kinsler bad on a 16x20 and cruz on tons of stuff. You going out there, I could make it worth your while haha
sorry i am not...too far for me.i bet they will have pretty decent crowds with both Nellie and Kins there.....i still have never been to that park. Let me know next time you visit the tunnel.......hope the newbie is doing well and will talk to you soon...thanks again for Moreland and Richardson....peace :)