Rangers IP Yesterday

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5.00 star(s)
Jun 2, 2008
Pre Game Tunnel
September 10, 2010
Some of these are 50/50s from SCN

Clint Hurdle 4/4 (1- 82 coke card(sheehy), 87 Topps x2 (anyone need him?), 1 -1978 Rookie card)
Mitch Moreland 1/1- Team Bat
David Murphy 1/1- 8x10 (Astrosfan)
Julio Borbon 2/2- 8x10 (Astrosfan), Card (Me)

Also got Luis Sojo and Luis Rivera in recently via trades from Javier and Mort. Thanks guys for helping add to my collection.
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that is the first time I have gotten borbon in 1 1/2 years so no he doesn't haha
Haha, good deal! :) I talked to Glenn again today and said they are still up in Tupelo and will call me this afternoon...thats lke 6 hours away from me, hope he is planning on coming back here again before he goes home.
he should, I think he is up there for Andy's game but should come back to Johnie's house after
congrats dude! i may need your list of vehicles for wednesday's tunnel:)
Hey Darren.

I was there yesterday, but no autos taked, anyway no went in this plan, nice game. I was in the 205 suite (Sandy Koufax) with some friends.