Rangers Sig Cards for trade

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Nov 4, 2009
My nephew and I have accumulated a handful of these cards at various signings over the last two years.Unfortunately this is one of my first threads;so I'm not sure how to post scans. If someone can enlighten me, then I will, otherwise pm an email addy and I will send it to you.

I'm hoping to trade for current mlb players for his collection. He's 10 so he doesn't know too many ex players so I was looking to work something out for some guys from other teams.

All of these were signed IP(except Hamilton, that one is NOT auto'd)

Hamilton(not signed)

Auto'd ones

CJ Wilson
David Murphy x2(2 different photos)
Ian Kinsler x2 (2 different photos)
Blake Beavan
Tom Grieve
Jim Sundberg
Scott Feldman
Eddie Guardado
Ron Washington x3 (3 different photos)
Jarrod Saltalamacchia x2
Mitch Moreland
Justin Smoak
Darren Oliver
Scott Coolbaugh
Tanner Scheppers
Brandon Boggs
Rich Harden
Brandon McCarthy
Ben Snyder
Martin Perez

sig cards are a little bigger than a regular baseball card, they are close to 3'' x 4.25'' or so

the following are 3 x 5

Mark McLemore
Jeff Russell x 2

Adding these 4x6 cards that i got in the late 80's at various banquets, spring training, etc...

All Rangers

Bobby Witt
Curtis Wilkerson
Pete O'Brien
Jeff Russell
George Wright
Steve Buechele
Kevin Brown
Ruben Sierra
Jim Sundberg
Mike Stanley

more cards added!!!
all teams-not just rangers!!
Tom Grieve-rangers
Jeff Kunkel-rangers
Toby Harrah-rangers
Charlie Hough-rangers
Mike Stanley-rangers
Jim Sundberg-rangers
Curtis Wilkerson-rangers
Dale Mohorcic-rangers

Tom O'Malley
Pete O'Brien-rangers
Dwayne Henry-rangers
Art Howe
Gorman Thomas
Walt Terrell
Pat Tabler
Rob Wilfong
Frank Wills
Bob Watson
Willie Upshaw
Ernie Whitt
Lou Whitaker
Paul Zuvella
Damaso Garcia
Gary Gaetti
Johnny Grubb
Jackie Gutierrez
Rich Gedman
Wes Gardner
Fred Gladding
Mickey Hatcher
Ron Hassey
Drew Hall
Neal Heaton
Rich Hand
Brook Jacoby
John Henry JOhnson
Garth Iorg
Bob James
Eric King
Carney Lansford
Steve Lyons
Dennis Lamp
Scott McGregor
Rance Mulliniks
Buck Martinez
Rick Manning
Dave McKay
Mike Morgan
Greg Minton
Jon Matlack
Darrell Miller
Don Aase
Darrel Akerfelds
Sparky Anderson
Brad Arnsberg
Keith Atherton
George Bamberger
Marty Barrett
Jesse Barfield
Juan Berenguer
Tony Bernazard
Larry Biitner
Mike Boddicker

Daryl Boston
Pete Broberg
Bobby Brower
Steve Buechele
Al Bumbry
Jeff Burroughs
John Butcher
Sal Butera
Ivan Calderon
Rick Cerone
John Christensen
Jim Clancy
Mark Clear
David Clyde
Chris Codiroli
Darnell Coles
Pat Corrales
Ed Correa
Storm Davis
Rick Dempsey
Ken Dixon
Doug DeCinces
Rob Ducey
Mike Flanagan
Joe Ferguson
Tony Fernandez
George Frazier

Kevin Brown/Kevin Reimer(dual)
Roman Gabriel(football)
Tony Oliva
Johnny Logan
Joe Sambito
Bob Stanley
Don Sutton
Roy Smalley Jr
Bill Stein
Dave Stieb
Mike Smithson
John Shelby
Ray Searage
Dave Schmidt
Nate Snell
Don Stanhouse
Dickie Noles
Gene Nelson
Ben Ogilvie
Al Oliver
Eric Plunk

Larry Parrish
Jim Presley
Mark Portugal
Kevin Romine
Harold Reynolds
Ernest Riles
Ed Romero
Mickey Rivers
Luis Rivera
Jeff Reardon
Pete Incaviglia(4x6)rangers
Ruben Sierra(4x6)rangers
Jeff Russell(3x5)rangers
Bobby Witt(4x6)rangers
Pete O'Brien(4x6)rangers
Bob Stanley
Ken Schrom
Jim Spencer
Alfredo Griffin
Jerry Grote
Moose Haas
Marc Hill
Rick Honeycutt
Ron Karkovice
Cliff Johnson
Jim Kern
Floyd Bannister
Dave Bergman
Bud Black
Lance Blankenship
Milt Cuyler
Alvin Dark
Steve Foucault-rangers

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Hey, be sure to PM rangersfan1982. He's a huge Rangers fan and I'm sure that he'd love to trade for them. And as for posting images, here's how to from another one of my posts:

Here's how you can post a photo. First, go to Photobucket.com. There are other image hosting sites, but this one is the best by far. Then copy the IMG code that is generates and paste it to your post. Good luck! If it doesn't work out, PLMK. Thanks!
hey thanks for the help on photobucket, baseballfan1!! i put a link in my first post.fyi the kinsler is not damaged, that is the style of the sig card.
ill try to post some others i have later on...
greatdad...posted those 88 topps for you.scanner is not great as you can tell but i think those are some you are looking for(found karkovice too, i think he is on your list..)
sorry guys, i'll try to respond to everyone in the next couple of days...need to get some of this organized!! my bad.....
I am interested in the cards of Gorman Thomas, Rich Gedman, Dave Stieb and Lance Parrish.

Does your son like any players in particular? Are you looking for GU, inserts or base?