Rangers V. Pirates and Astros IP


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Hey guys,
I hit up the ballpark this weekend and came away with what I consider to be some pretty big scores. I also got to meet my good buddies thehalk and CW13 at the games so it was a really enjoyable experience. Here is what I got:

Elvis Andrus

Zach Duke

Tom Grieve (#22 for my Legends set)

Garrett Jones

Matt Lindstrom

Andrew McCutchen (Class act all the way)

Evan Meek

Brian Moehler

David Murphy

Bud Norris and Roy Oswalt (Oswalt, who I have dubbed as "The Newest Soon-To-Be Ranger" signed about 50 in the rain on Friday. Very cool of him.)

Alexi Ogando

Ross Ohlendorf

Gary Pettis (thanx to my good friend Tiffany for getting these signed for me)

John Russell

Justin Smoak (I actually got 5 but 4 of them are the same)

Jose Tabata (Signed over the dugout and accidently threw my notebook into the camera well. Lol. That was a 1st for me.)

Matt Treanor

Thanx for looking!


That is an amazing haul, and I have to agree, Andrus has a cool sig! I have no doubt the interest in Oswalt from the Rangers is genuine. After all, it was Nolan Ryan's influence that really got the Astros to take notice of Oswalt's progress in the organization. The question is how much are the Rangers willing to part with and how much is Drayton willing to cover salary-wise if that is going to happen.