Rangers V. Royals IP


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Hey guys,
I had some great success this weekend at the Rangers and Royals games. I did excellent considering that I missed the tunnel all together on Saturday because I had a Spanish final...I mean really who schedules a Spanish final on a Saturday?! Lol. Here is what I came up with:

Brian Bannister (my new favorite autograph! He's got a sweet sig! Nice guy too.)

Kyle Davies

Kyle Farnsworth

Neftali Feliz

2009 AL Cy Young Winner Zack Greinke

Josh Hamilton

Clint Hurdle (FT) and Gil Meche

Dustin Nippert, Chris Ray (FT), and Matt Treanor (1st time getting him...he usually just signs about 3 and splits but he signed everyone today! Down to just Garko and Andres Blanco and I will have everyone on this years team.)

Darren Oliver

Brayan Pena

Set hit from "The Mexicutioner" Joakim Soria

Robinson Tejeda

CJ Wilson (I got 5 cards and a custom signed)

Rich Harden (One is FT) and Derek Holland

All in all a great time and the Rangers got the 4 game sweep! :D

Thanx for looking!


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congrats, dude. you go to a ton of games...i have only been to 4 so far..am going thurs afternoon to watch C.J....