Rangers Vs. Rays IP

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Jul 27, 2009
Wichita Falls, TX
Hey guys,
I had a great time at the Rangers - Rays games this weekend. I got 22 cards signed the 1st day alone :eek:. That's a season high for one day this season. Anyways here are the goods:

Grant Balfour and Lance Cormier


Carl Crawford for my Legendary Cuts set (He grabbed my card and the guy next to me's pen...which wasn't a very good one...but I was still pumped to get this one done by one of my favorite players)


Nellie Cruz (signed a ton after running some drills) (1 is 50/50)


Scott Feldman and Tom Foley


Josh Hamilton


Rich Harden


Matt Harrison (3 are 50/50's)


John Jaso, Colby Lewis (for Javier), and Evan Longoria (great guy...this is the 3rd time I've got him in 3 tries. It's so great to see he and Price sign so much with all the talent they have. :D)


Jeff Niemann, Darren O'Day, and David Price


Kelly Shoppach, Dan Wheeler, and Rafael Soriano


C.J. Wilson and Michael Young (Young stopped at the tunnel this morning which was a minor miracle)


And I got this little beauty in from eBay for my Hamilton collection:


This trip put me over 1600 signed cards in my collection. :D All in all a great trip and 2 out of 3 wins ain't bad.

Thanx for looking!
I wish Soriano would sign that good at home!! I don't think I've seen him sign one time!
It was really weird actually. He was walking around the warning track and this kid asked him if he would sign. Well, he didnt walk to where we could just hand the cards to him...he just stayed there and so we had to toss our notebooks about 15 feet down to him and then he threw them back up to us. He only signed 6 (3 for me and 3 for that kid). Like I said, it was really strange and I don't think I've ever gotten an autograph like that. He was cool though.
Good stuff man!

I'm guessing these were mostly Friday and Saturday? Sunday was absolutely brutal (of course, it had to be the day I was there haha).
HockeyBrawler - Yeah. Like I said I got 22 cards signed on Friday...only 14 the next 2 days combined but it was so hot on Sunday that I really didn't even try.

Thanx guys!
I never seem to go to the Rays series to even try those guys - but wow! I still need to get a Cruz HRD card off of you, but I could use a Longoria or Price if you'd move one. I got an Miguel Cabrera for you, or better yet some info for how you can get a few SP Legendary Cuts for your set.