Rare Rc Cards Autos Strasburg Teheran


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#ed Rc Cards
2010 Bowman Platinum Stephen Strasburg Gold Rc /539
2011 Topps Chrome Red Refractor Julio Teheran Rc /25
2010 Topps Gold Austin Jackson Rc /2010
2010 Topps Chrome Green Austin Jackson Rc /599
2011 Bowman Platinum Green Avisail Garcia Rc /599

Rc Autos
2012 Bowman Chrome Jake Marisnick Refractor Auto /500
2012 Leaf Valiant Paul Blackburn Rc Auto /25

2011 Bowman Platinum Avisail Garcia Rc XFractor
2011 Bowman Chrome Avisail Garica 1st BC Rc
2010 Bowman Chrome Jose Altuve 1st BC Rc
2012 Bowman Chrome Matt Adams Refractor Rc
2011 Bowman Chrome Chris Archer Green Ref Rc

looking for detroit tigers, nice rcs of stars, autos, jerseys, cash, and anything that catches my eye!


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I like the Teheran Red, can you use any of these?
2013 Bowman Sterling Prospect Autographs #KZ Kevin Ziomek
2014 Topps Gypsy Queen Relics #GQRBR Bruce Rondon
2014 Bowman Platinum Relic Autographs #ARDT Devon Travis




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I could use the Avisail Garcia cards. Need anything off this list?

Verlander, Justin (DET) 2013 Prizm SS5 Superstar Spotlight
Verlander, Justin (DET) 2012 Topps Chrome 93 purple refractor
Verlander, Justin (DET) 2008 Finest FM-JV Finest Moments green refractor #d 071/199
Verlander, Justin (DET) 2006 Topps 641 (RC)
Verlander, Justin (DET) 2006 Topps Turkey Red 630 (RC)

Cabrera, Miguel (DET) 2015 Topps Gypsy Queen QT-1 The Queen's Throwbacks
Cabrera, Miguel (DET) 2013 Finest 70 refractor
Cabrera, Miguel (DET) 2013 Finest 70 green refractor #d 198/199
Cabrera, Miguel (DET) 2013 Topps Chrome 100 xfractor
Cabrera, Miguel (DET) 2013 Topps Chrome CC-MC Close Connection die-cut

Moya, Steven (DET) 2015 Bowman 148 silver ice RC
Kubitza, Austin (DET) 2015 Bowman BCP32 refractor #d 314/499
Crawford, Sam (DET) 2015 Diamond Kings 122 red framed
Kaline, Al (DET) 2015 Topps Gypsy Queen 310 SP mini
Cobb, Ty (DET) 2015 Topps Museum 88 bronze
Greiner, Grayson (DET) 2014 Bowman Draft CDP99 refractor x2
Negron, Steven (DET) 2013 Bowman Chrome Draft Prospects BDPP93 refractor

Van Noy, Kyle (DET) 2014 Certified 141 #d 596/999 RC
Ebron, Eric (DET) 2014 Contenders RDA-14 Rookie Draft gold #d 064/199 RC
Sanders, Barry (DET) 2014 Hot Rookies ATF4 All-Time Franchise Players
Van Noy, Kyle (DET) 2014 Topps 343 camo #d 134/399 RC
Sanders, Barry (DET) 2014 Topps Fire 43 flame foil
Ebron, Eric (DET) 2014 Topps Platinum 140 orange flame refractor RC
Johnson, Calvin (DET) 2014 Topps Strata 1 gold
Bell, Joique (DET) 2014 Topps Strata 45 gold
Van Noy, Kyle (DET) 2014 Topps Strata 120 gold RC
Riddick, Theo (DET) 2013 Certified 291 New Generation Platinum Red RC
Riddick, Theo (DET) 2013 Certified 291 New Generation #d 530/999 RC
Fuller, Corey (DET) 2013 Certified 217 New Generation Platinum Blue #d 046/100 RC
Johnson Jr, Calvin (DET) 2013 Topps Chrome 200 refractor
Suh, Ndamukong (DET) 2010 Donruss Elite 152 #d /999 RC
Suh, Ndamukong (DET) 2010 Donruss Elite 28 Rookie Shield Logo #d /999 RC
Johnson Jr, Calvin (DET) 2010 Topps Triple Threads 67 sepia #d 167/499
Smith, Josh (DET) 2014-15 Panini Prizm 26 blue-green mosaic prizm
Rodman, Dennis (DET) 2014-15 Panini Prizm 237 blue-green mosaic prizm
Drummond, Andre (DET) 2013-14 Pinnacle BB1 Big Bang
Drummond, Andre (DET) 2012-2013 Panini Marquee 336 RC