Raw Graded Dog Eared Dinged Corner question


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I know that was a mouthful. Here's the deal, as a 60 year old collector, I have trying to finish a 72 Baseball set.
Purchases from the last 4 of 5 sellers on ebay has been a disaster. They dont seem to understand the difference between a frayed or fraying corner, or a soft (rounded) corner versus a dinged/dog eared corner.
Please all you other PSA/BGS buyers and sellers, am I correct in the assumption that fraying does NOT equal dinged, dented, dog eared ?

Sellers who think ex, ex-mt or even NM (raw of course) can include the "bent" corners. I say no. In my set I can handle the fraying, and it still gets a mid grade, but toss in the dinged corners, not so. Please chime in on your opinions. I see nowhere in either of PSA' or BGS graded descriptions that allow this and be able to score at even a 5.....
UNLESS the bent corner is considered a crease. However I usually think of the crease as in the card main body.

Somebody sells me ex-mt or higher lot, and any have bent corners, they go back as NSAD, I have 3 refunds to back this up. This is really beginning to irritate me.



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I feel your frustration, but some of this is inherent in the process, as grading and descriptions are subjective to a degree, I am afraid. One collector's fray is another collector's soft is another collector's rounded. It is even evident in differences among PSA, Beckett or Mark Wing.
I just try to be consistent (which is tough when getting grading/description from someone else). I usually use Beckett's grading descriptions as my reference, as I use its OPG, so I think they work together. That being said, you can't always rely on the other side to use or apply the same standard properly and I'm sure there as others who think the same of me!



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That's what I was thinking as well Boots. It's so subjective, that's one of the many reasons why grading has become the thing to do. It takes out each sides subjectivity and puts it in the hands of a neutral third party.

I would agree with the op that anything over ex-mt shouldn't have major corner issues and the higher over ex-mt, the sharper the corners should be.

Also, to me, frayed/dinged/dog eared/soft is all pretty much the same. Sounds like you're being pretty picky on a technicality if you're sending something back because you think it's frayed vs. soft.


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One of the reasons that I don't trade vintage online unless it is low grade is because of condition factors. I pretty much assume that cards from 1981 and up are going to be NM unless otherwise advertised but before that it can be a crapshoot. I'll trade away and trade for pre 1981 commons and minor stars in NM because if either trader is not satisfied with the condition it is no big deal to make good. But if there is a dispute on bigger cards that can be a major headache and I refuse to go through that.