Reaching for the moon...

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That is awesome! Buzz is pretty cool in person, as well. Several years ago at a book signing I got him to sign a moon globe on the Sea of Tranquility. Really cool guy!
Awesome deal Lance!!! I just picked one up as well, can't beat that price for a Aldrin auto!


Figured you might be interested in that one my friend...pretty good deal I think...and the book is really nice and a hardcover at situation.
When that book came out a few years ago, I took my little girl to see him at a Space Collectibles store here in the Houston area, and I picked up a copy for her as well. That's an interesting piece of space history she will be able to treasure and share with her kids when she gets older. While she was far more interested in the Astronaut Barbie they were selling, at the time, she will still be able to tell them how she met one of the first men to walk on the moon.