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Hey guys, sorry I have been AWOL a lot on posting my successes. Here are my recent Successes. Sorry no scans as of right now.


Mike Grzanich- Astros Collection 1/1- 1 Week
Bob Gallagher- Astros Collection 1/1- 1 Week
Mike LaCoss- 0/2- Sent Donation Letter for his foundation- 470 Days


Larry Parrish- SCN
Eli Iorg- SCN- Astros Collection
Ryan Webb- benob1knob
Micheal Mooney- benob1knob
Sam Horn- benob1knob
Bob Doerr- Rangersfan1982
Jack Morris- Danotoriousnic

@ BallPark in Arlington

CJ Wilson 5/5 (1 for rangersfan1982)
Derek Holland 2/2- Cards, 1/1 8x10 ( 1 for rangersfan1982)
Willie Eyre 1/1
Dustin Nippert 1/1
Jarrod Saltalamacchia 2/2 (1 for danotoriousnic)
David Murphy 3/4
Ron Washington 3/3 (1 for Rangersfan1982)
Kevin Millwood 2/3

Some of you have asked, I am at 460 for my astros collection now.

Also I Have some of these for trade like (millwood, washington, eyre, wilson). Also have some Eddie Guardado and Jason Jennings extras I have gotten if anyone needs them. Would listen to offers on Salty too.


Okay, I'm a little confused. Did you send a donation to LaCoss, and he still turned you down, or did he send your cards back unsigned and asked for a donation for his foundation? By the way, awesome successes as always, Darrell! Congrats!


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Jim- he sent the cards back unsigned after 470
days asking for a donation. In the meantime I picked
up two in a trade though.