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Jun 2, 2008
Hey guys, sorry I have been AWOL a lot on posting my successes. Here are my recent Successes. Sorry no scans as of right now.


Mike Grzanich- Astros Collection 1/1- 1 Week
Bob Gallagher- Astros Collection 1/1- 1 Week
Mike LaCoss- 0/2- Sent Donation Letter for his foundation- 470 Days


Larry Parrish- SCN
Eli Iorg- SCN- Astros Collection
Ryan Webb- benob1knob
Micheal Mooney- benob1knob
Sam Horn- benob1knob
Bob Doerr- Rangersfan1982
Jack Morris- Danotoriousnic

@ BallPark in Arlington

CJ Wilson 5/5 (1 for rangersfan1982)
Derek Holland 2/2- Cards, 1/1 8x10 ( 1 for rangersfan1982)
Willie Eyre 1/1
Dustin Nippert 1/1
Jarrod Saltalamacchia 2/2 (1 for danotoriousnic)
David Murphy 3/4
Ron Washington 3/3 (1 for Rangersfan1982)
Kevin Millwood 2/3

Some of you have asked, I am at 460 for my astros collection now.

Also I Have some of these for trade like (millwood, washington, eyre, wilson). Also have some Eddie Guardado and Jason Jennings extras I have gotten if anyone needs them. Would listen to offers on Salty too.
Good stuff man, thanks again for getting those three for me again.
You gonna make it out to the park again before the end of the season?
Okay, I'm a little confused. Did you send a donation to LaCoss, and he still turned you down, or did he send your cards back unsigned and asked for a donation for his foundation? By the way, awesome successes as always, Darrell! Congrats!
Jim- he sent the cards back unsigned after 470
days asking for a donation. In the meantime I picked
up two in a trade though.