Recent Pickups OCTOBER Edition


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I'll start out the October Pickups thread with an arrival I got this week..

My favorite Luke Hughes card yet...
2009 Topps Chrome World Baseball Classic Magenta Printing Plate W63 /1

$12.49 dlvd off of eBay, there's no way I could pass it up. Up to 16%, long ways to go...


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I finally grabbed the elusive 1981 Donruss Dave Roberts autograph I have been desiring ever since Ed shared that he got one. This card combines a few things that I look for in a signed card:

1) A somewhat "vintage" card, although defining 81D as vintage is a real loose definition (it is almost 30 years old now though).

2) A GREAT action photo. I didn't open much Donruss wax in 1981 and never looked at my set. I know there are a bunch of action shuts, but this never stuck out until recently.

3) Mariner card! Recently, I developed a renewed passion for the Mariners of old, again thanks to Ed (worldwideed). This is a nice design showing a man not known for being a Mariner wearing the threads.

Sadly, Dave passed away after I "discovered" the card when Ed landed one TTM and shared a while back. Due to my extreme laziness, I never tried to send off myself and he ultimately died, making this a bit tougher to find. Ed understandably was not interested in trading his, so I had no choice but to buy one. ;)


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Did some trading on Wednesday

I met up with one of my former students on last Wednesday and filled up my trade bait collection.

Firs off is a bunch of 08 Stadium Club Beam Team Autos. I didn't even realize he threw the Podres in until after the trade. (He hates the Dodgers)

I also picked up a few more 08 Stadium Club cards from him:

Check out the different Autos by Cuento. I thought it was pretty sweet.

One of my highlights for the night, (But not my biggest):

Then I picked up some other interesting cards.
My first printing plate:

An Ichiro for my PC:

and the card of the evening:

Matt Ryan Rookie Refractor Auto!!!

All of these are for trade. The Ichiro is one I will more than likely hold onto unless I get a similar player collection card in return.
Thanks for letting me share with you.

David K.

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Added a 2008 ud heroes Black Ken Griffey Jr. auto/patch serial #25! Patch has three different colors....while the one in the contest had only one color (red). Best regards, David


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Bummed out that I missed 2 1/1s this week of Luke Hughes because they went too high (Superfractor sold for $150) but I did pick these up.

Nothing real rare or anything but it bumps me up to 14% (new wave of Topps Chrome = 20+ new Hughes cards out, yikes!)

Thanks to brett14 and eBay!


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Got these two in yesterday to close out October.

I was really excited about the Thomas Rookie auto! I would prefer to have the PSA/DNA autos of cards I had growing up than the pack pulled stuff these days.

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