Recent Pickups SEPTEMBER Edition


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Thought I'll start a thread for September...

Babe Ruth Baltimore News RC Reprint Promo, 1998 E-X2000 Bernie Williams#/74

2000 Ultra Platinum Medallion #/50, 1999 E-X Credentials Future #/44, 1999 SkyBox Star Rubies #/50

1999 Flair Showcase Legacy #/99 picked up the last one to complete the rainbow.

Chuck Knoblauch Auto, Posada GU
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Got these in recently:

For the Harden PC:
MY FIRST Harden 1/1

And I've really wanted one of these Harden Minors AUs for a while:

Lastly I won this for free here on the Bench and it is FT/FS:


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Tankp & CYmarlins - Thanks guys!

Rarthur - Congrats on your first 1/1! I still need to find a 1/1 of O'Neill for the PC.


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Some new pickups of late

Finally found the taupe version numbered to /8- so now I have the complete run of 2008 Goudey 268 36 BW SP

Some new stuff for the 2005 Topps All-American Master set that Im working on

Bob Lilly Silver X-Fractor #5/5


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I rarely post this type of thing...

but when you get 7 needs all in one day. :D

Sean Casey Auto 1999 93/1000 Fleer Mystique - Fresh Ink (ON CARD) (no #)
Sean Casey Auto 2004 96/99 Ultimate Signatures SC
Sean Casey Auto 2004 21/25 Donruss Elite - Round Numbers RN-49 (Casey's Jersey #!!!)
Sean Casey Bat 2003 382/399 Fleer Ultra - Season Crowns 53
Sean Casey Jersey 2002 7/100 Playoff - Piece Of The Game POG-77
Sean Casey Jersey 2005 101/250 Donruss Leather & Lumber 122
Sean Casey Numbered 2007 83/99 Topps - RED REFRACTOR 134



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Added a "sticky" so we can hopefully get some more responses.

Here are some of my recent pickups for the HOF alphabetical order, for your convenience. :)

Carter/Dawson dual available FT:

Fingers auto w/inscription #/25 available FT/FS:

Monte Irvin 2003 Topps Retired refractor #/25...available FT/FS:

Spahn 2003 Topps Retired auto available FT/FS: