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The past couple of days of walking out to the mailbox have been well rewarded. Pretty much every type of envelope has shown up...

On Friday and Monday, I received one hockey return each day. Friday was former Flyers defensemen Gary Dornhoefer, signed 2/2, out 11/4, back 11/13. And on Monday, I received back former Penguins winger Lowell MacDonald signed 1/1, out 11/4, back 11/16.

On Saturday, I got one Ebay purchase in, another Kirby Puckett for my personal collection. And I also received a Donruss Americana NPN, costars Telly Savales and Ernest Borgnine #'d 214/250

And today, I received three NPN's from Upper Deck. 2009 Icons Football - Javon Ringer auto #'d 126/150. 2008-09 Be A Player Hockey - Justin Peters #'d 37/99. 2008-09 Ultimate Collection Hockey Nikita Filatov Signed Ultimate Debut Thread #'d 14/35.

Not to bad for a couple of days...