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Apr 16, 2003
Osage City, Kansas
Foppert, Jesse - sent 2004 Topps Heritage, 2002 Topps Traded Gold and Fleer Box Score Debut card on 11/28/2009 and received them all back signed on 12/7/2009


Lombardi, Phil - sent 1987 Donruss and 1988 Topps on 10/14/2009 and received both back signed on 12/7/2009


Skinner, Bob - sent 1985 Topps and three CIC’s on 11/18/2009 and received all back signed on 11/27/2009; asked that I send him some copies of the CIC’s that I made; sent him CIC’s as well as some custom cards that I made; asked if he could send one of each back signed, which he did (12/7/2009); looking for some of the 1985 Topps cards, of he and his son, to send to him, at his request

Are you comparing to his sig on the Topps Heritage, or to other TTM's you have received from him previously? I have been experimenting with some custom cards that are traditional card size, instead of custom index cards. I had a big stack of manilla folders that I cut up and printed the cards on. I have since picked up some card stock paper and have been using it for my customs. The card stock is off-white. Not sure I like the color of the manilla cards, but it was a good way to not let the folders be wasted.

Nice CIC's congrats. Funny how Fopperts sig changed.