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Sorry for the boring title, not feeling very creative tonight.

Juan Guzman pulled the old switcheroo on me here, scan is what he sent back from one of the two shown request. I have no idea which one. I hoping that since I get one back after so long that the other one is coming back too, this time with the 95 leaf that I need.
Juan Guzman Sent 1/16/2013 1995 Leaf, 96 Topps
Juan Guzman Sent 3/5/2013 95 Leaf, 95 Flair
Both are FT

Mike Lansing c/o Home 1/1
PC set hit.

Jerry Goff c/o home 1/1
PC Set hit


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Great successes, Ed, but doesnt it make you wonder where the cards go when players send back different ones than you sent? Do they PC their own cards, and want to keep certain ones, or what?? I have had this happen (Terry Francona was a famous switcheroo ttm signer, Tony LaRussa sometimes was too as I recall).

Congrats just the same! Hopefully someone will trade you your 95 Leaf!

God Bless,

Kevin Mc