Recent Topps Quality Control Issues

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Jan 26, 2021
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I just wanted to vent about how disappointed I am in Topps quality control recently. Tonight I opened one box of Topps Chrome Update. A number of cards had foil crimps and other damage, but the one that pushed me over the top was a Bobby Witt Jr Blue Refractor #/199 that I pulled that looked like a lawn mower had run over it (very deep scratches/cuts/creases in the back, crimped/bent corner that looked like it got stuck in some machine). I also opened a box of Topps Chrome Black and got a nice Joey Votto Gold Autograph #/50; however, the encased card had large marks that looks like someone had rubbed an eraser all over it (on the card, not the case). I sent both cards back.

And those go along with four packages I sent back to Topps last week with damaged high-value cards I've opened from four other boxes over the past two weeks, including from Bowman Draft Lite, Bowman Draft 1st Edition, Topps Triple Threads, and Topps Chrome Sapphire.

So frustrating... Is anyone else having these kinds of issues?

I have the same issue with Topps Chrome Updates. Hobby box only had one with marks on it...but the retail had about 14 or 16 that were off bad that I threw them in the trash. Lucky that none were the top prospects in the product. Best regards, David
Yes - been having the same issues. About the only releases that haven't had issues are Opening Day and Big League. I have sent 5 or 6 packages back to Topps looking for replacements.

It is very disappointing.
And let's not forget Topps leaving out the short prints in the Topps Chrome! It gives u the feeling that they got rid of the quality control department. After all we're the only game in town!
Not defending Topps, but keep in mind they don't print the cards, a subcontractor does (the same printer actually prints Topps, Panini & other brands as well). It still rolls up to Topps to ensure a quality product rolls out to the customer, but I suspect Topps doesn't even see the product as it rolls out of the factory.

I've had issues with every box of Bowman Chrome & Draft I've opened, sending replacement cards back to Topps from just about every box. Crimps, bubbles, defects, across the board. Also the collation has been terrible in all the '22 products I've opened. Getting multiple identical packs within even the same box. I bought 2 boxes of Stadium Club and they were almost identical, I ended up with doubles of 90% of all the cards and inserts I pulled, same collation in both boxes from the same case.
Topps needs to stop with all of the on line products and stick with regular products. If they want try new it by adding inserts....not whole new products.