Record TTM Returns

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Jul 27, 2009
Wichita Falls, TX
Hey guys,
I was just wondering what everyone's personal record for returns is for one day. I got back 6 ("Windy" McCall, Virgil Trucks, Adam Dunn, Don Money, Bob Friend, and Bobby Thomson) on 1/29/10 and that's my personal best. I just thought it'd be cool to find out what everyone else's best were (all though I'm sure most of you have had way more than 6 :p. Lol.).

1/19/10: 7 came in (started 10 days earlier, and have had 21 come back so far). They were: Bobby Bonilla - 3/4, Mark Grace - 2/3, Ben Grieve - 2/4, Ralph Houk - 1/1, Jon Lieber - 4/4, Bobby Thomson - 2/2, Woody Williams - 4/4. That's 18 cards signed to come back, not too bad.
I've gotten alot back in 5-6 days but this is the fastest for me
Billy Hoeft 3/18/08 3/21/08

my bad read this wrong thought you meant what was the fastesst you recieved back
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My most is 37, one being a FAILURE... happened during Spring Training of 2008 on 3/3, most of which vame from Spring Training:

Brian Bixler
Jason Bulger
Sean Burnett
Jared Burton
Asdrubal Cabrera
Jack Cassel
Troy Cate
Rocky Childress
John Danks
Danny Darwin
Phil Dumatrait
Brandon Fahey
Josh Fields
Chone Figgins
Kason Gabbard
John Grabow
Joe Grahe
Chip Hale
Joel Hanrahan
Mike Heath
Rich Hill
Eric Hull
Bob MacDonald
Zach McClellan
A.J. Murray
Lance Painter
Dan Petry
Charlie Puleo
Omar Quintanilla
Brad Salmon
Romulo Sanchez
Ian Snell
Jeremy Sowers
Kevin Towers
Fernando Valenzuela, Failure, Returned Items Unsigned
Neil Walker
Jake Westbrook

Also got 4 email ones in that day, so guess my success total was 40 :)
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