Red Hot Rookie #5 announced.

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Apr 16, 2006
Its Sterlin Castro of the Cubs.

Complete run down.
#1 Carlos Santana Indians
#2 Jose Tabata Pirates
#3 Brennan Boesch Tigers
#4 Mike Stanton Marlins
#5 Sterlin Castro Cubs

A lack luster group figuring the rookies who's playing well in 2010. Thats not to knock on any of these guys, well ok Jose Tabata probably dont belong at all. But Im not sure if you hold #6-#10 if you should be optomistic or discouraged. With the likes of say, Jason Heyward, Stephen Strasburg, Buster Posey, Mike Leake, and Ike Davis out there. I think most collectors would hope to find those in the remaining 5 spots. But if it holds to form, might see Austin Jackson, Chris Heisey, Travis Wood, Josh Tohle and/or others. I personaly hold #6 and have been waiting in hopes of a Mike Leake or Strasburg(which id sell-sell-sell).
Stanton is going to be a stud, Castro has been solid and have you seen the numbers Boesch has put up? I like the list they have so far as long as they include Posey, Davis and Heyward eventually.
I don't think these guys will be in the set because they already have base rookies in the 2010 Topps. Buster Posey,Jason Heyward, Austin Jackson,Mike Leake, & Josh Thole.

They usually only use guys who have not appeared on a Topps base set card before.

You should also check Tabata's stats before you knock him as being a bum.

With that said I believe you might see these guys in the set. Strasburg, Pedro Alvarez, Ike Davis, Drew Storen, Domonic Brown and maybe a couple others that haven't been called up yet.
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I just really felt there would be more "big name" rookies. Half way through and really not a single ROY threat. Maybe Boesch but he's cooled off, have to wait and see if he can get it going again.

Also I did not know they normaly didnt put guys that was already in the base set in the RHR program. That makes it alot more understanding and leave me looking for Travis Wood or Chris Heisey than Mike Leake. Im sure it wont be Heisey though, as there just room in that OF for everday action. But he's been very clutch off the bench and in the field. And if Travis Wood isnt #6 he might be left out because he could be back in AAA when Bailey and Harang return depending on how the team handles Mike Leake.